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Kogi Governor Cuts Water, Electricity Supply To Chief Judge’s Residence



A civil society group –the Federation of Lawyers in Active Democracy (FLAD) – has accused   Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State of ordering the severance of water and electricity supply to the official residence of the state’s embattled Chief Judge, Justice Nasir Ajana as part of the pressure to force him out of office.

The governor’s action, according to the group, is aimed at intimidating and overawing Ajana because he is not in the good books of the state government.

Reacting to last Monday’s resolution of the State House of Assembly demanding the removal of the Chief Judge from office, FLAD President Arome Husseini said the motion defied logic.

The statement dismissed as  “null and void and of no effect whatsoever” what it described as yet another instance of Governor Bello’s intolerance of democratic institutions, the separation of power and the checks and balances guaranteed by the constitution.

The group  said the 1999 Constitution as amended Section 271 ( 1) 292 (1) (ii) (a) and the third Schedule paragraph 21 part 1 of the constitution which provide for the removal of a Chief Judge of a state were totally ignored by the House.

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It suspected that the Chief Judge’s travails may have begun on the day he resisted the governor’s alleged interference in a criminal case involving a ‘controversial federal legislator’ who was granted bail.

It recalled how the state government punished two former Speakers of the state’s legislature by denying them access to utilities, the same punishment now being visited on Justice Ajana.

It said: “a Speaker that was illegally installed was equally forced to resign within one year after he complained during public sitting that Governor Bello was harassing and intimidating him!

“In both cases, utilities like water, electricity and communications were severed from the official residences of these Speakers.

“Today the utilities of the learned Chief Judge and the Deputy Governor of the State have equally been disconnected – all in an effort to intimidate and overawe these state functionaries into becoming puppets and stooges like has been achieved in the State House of Assembly.”


It asked President Muhammadu Buhari to call the governor to order.

The group vowed to use legitimate means including   petitions, demonstrations and litigations to protect the sacred institution of the judiciary from the governor.

However, responding to The Nation on Sunday’s questions, Mr. Muhammad Galacticus Onogwu who is the Chief Press Secretary to the governor said Bello’s political successes had inspired endless mischievous reactions from embittered political opponents.

His words:”generally, the water system in Lokoja is under maintenance so, the shortage of water is across board and as I am talking to you, I am running a generator like any other person here in Lokoja.

“The talk about us owing the state’s judiciary staff about 10 months’ salary because of the Chief Judge’s travails is a big lie; when the Federal Government gave us the Paris Club refund of about N13 billion in November last year, labour leaders and the state government agreed on collection of four months’ outstanding salary by every worker in person.

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“The judiciary workers refused to participate in the pay parade exercise for reasons best known to them and their salaries are lying there in the bank but they went on strike and even sued the state government.

“We do not have any issue with the Chief Judge because the Kogi State government under Governor Yahaya Bello does not interfere with either the Judiciary or the legislature.

“We are approaching the period of another gubernatorial election in Kogi State and those who are afraid of what the government has achieved thus far are already afraid of a big loss in the November election so, they are resorting t mischief because we have kept winning.”



Meaning of their eight fingers sign; Fail + Fail = Failure – Sheik Ibrahim Jibril (SIJ)



There are no justification whatsoever for any one in his right senses to vote for Failure.

The APC lead administration in Kogi state is Engulfed in all sort of criminality and illegality. Ranging from lies, deceits, non payment of salaries, lack of infrastructures, no single project, manipulation of judicial and legislative institutions for selfish benefits.

They concocted all manners of storytelling from Ganaja Bridge, to Ecological funds, Bailout funds, workers salaries to mention but a few.

APC is the current Governor we are dying of hunger, starvation, insecurity no development in any part of our state.

PDP have ruled us before for many years all we see is government of the few. They carted away with our state fund.

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APC and PDP are still the something. We have tried them both and its not working for us in kogi state.

My people of kogi state, are we their slave? The answer is NO. Remember that a blind man will not allow his corn get burnt twice.

Let us give APGA s chance.
Let us transform kogi into a mega City with SHEIKDURO.

Vote APGA come November 16th.2019.

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The Reason Why We Must Vote APGA Come November 16, 2019 – SheikDuro




There are no justification whatsoever for any one in their right senses to vote for a man who has demonstrated lackluster in running the affairs of Kogi State on all fronts.

This administration is engulfed in all sort of criminality and illegality ranging from lies, deceits and manipulation of the judicial and legislative institutions for self gratification and selfish benefits.

They concocted all shades of lies. From the Ganaja Bridge, to Ecological Funds, Bailout Funds, workers salaries to mention but these few.

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Few months ago, precisely August 2019, they bragged all over the media space that President Buhari will be commissioning 28 infrastructural projects in Kogi State, till date nothing of sort has been done and will never be done because such does not exist in reality but only in their minds-eye

We must not allow Yahaya Bello and Edward Onoja to drag Kogi any further in the mud of lies and disfunctionality.

If we mistakenly allow them, Bello and Edward will literarily evaporate Kogi state if allowed a second opportunity.


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Kogi Guber: APGA Set To Hold Massive Flag Off Tomorrow 03/11/2019



The All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA) have completed all arrangements to hold a massive campaign flag off tomorrow in the heart of the igala land Anyigba to be precise. According to the statement released by the DG campaign committee of the party, Rtd DSP Edili Emmanuel the event which is scheduled to hold tomorrow at the CMML Senior Primary School along iyale road Anyigba by 10am is expected to be graced by concerned citizens of the state and party faithfuls. According to the DG, the flag off will prove clearly to all citizens of the state that APGA has come to liberate the people of the state from the shackles of pain and oppression. The statement urge well meaning kogites to come out in their numbers to support the party. Long live kogi state, long live APGA, long live SheikDuro.

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